Zen Huis
1. Anyone who makes an appointment automatically declares to agree with the house rules.
2.When entering the hall you can immediately take off your shoes and place them on the mat, and put on slippers, which you will find in the bench, various shoe sizes are available. Afterwards you may take a seat on the bench until Kate comes to pick you up.
After that you will first be settled according to your wishes.
Before using the facilities and for a massage, you first have to take a shower, this is always included in the reserved time.
3. We are not responsible for accidents, lost items and physical or material damage. There is a wardrobe with locker where you can safely leave all belongings. Backpacks, sports bags, handbags and mobile phones should be placed in the locker.
4. Hygiene in the jacuzzi is paramount!
This is to relax in, and NOT for sexual acts, the private room of course;)
Before using the jacuzzi, always take a shower with soap and always rinse well. For the ladies: please remove foundation / bronzer from the chin line.
5.Everyone is obliged not to bring prohibited substances such as drugs and the like into the Zenhuis.
6.Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance via e-mail. A last minute appointment can therefore no longer be canceled. In case of cancellations less than 24 hours in advance, 50 € will be charged, this must first be written before a new appointment can be obtained. All further communication after an cancellation and settlement is done by mail.
7.Bath linen package with bath towel, towel, bathrobe and bath slippers are included.
Wearing bathrobe and bath slippers is mandatory. You can also bring your own slippers / bathrobe.
8. We have the right to refuse people for any reason and without giving any reason.
9. We reserve the privilege of unilaterally refusing or canceling reservations if, according to our, or a
another database, people do not behave correctly or do not keep to the agreements.
10.The Zenhuis is completely non-smoking.
11. The reservation duration remains as agreed even if you arrived late.
12.Original beverages and food are not allowed.
Clients included in the mobile Contact list can also book an appointment for the day itself via text message on no. 0486 120 234, min. 3 hours in advance (available between 10.30am and 6pm, according to availability)
13.If the rules are not respected and damage is established, the costs will be charged.
14. For bookings from 4 hours as well as the Escort bookings we ask for an advance of 100 € in advance. This does not apply to regular customers with whom we have built up a trust.
For the dishes we ask for an advance payment of € 50 in advance.
Also keep this in mind a few days before it is on our account.
No advances are paid back.
15. A reservation is only valid after you have received our mail with confirmation and address details.
16. All services include 21% VAT. All rates are fixed and NOT negotiable.
We only accept cash payments on the spot (only appropriate euros),
advances / cancellations via transfer (KBC) BE89 7360 3952 9685
... After a few hours you are completely relaxed and you can go back again ...;)