!! T0PPER !!
** Armand de Brignac **
-75cl Brut "Ace of Spades": 475€
-75cl Brut Fondateur: 120€
Laurent Perrier
-75cl Brut: 110€

Taittinger  -75cl Brut : 110€   Champagne/House -37.50cl Brut: 50€ -75cl Brut: 95€     If you would like a bottle of Champagne with our date, please mention
this when booking so that it can be kept cool on time :)
Various drinks at 1,5€:
33cl Coca Cola
33cl Cola Zero
33cl Fanta
33cl Jupiler
50cl Spa sparkle

Dolce Gusto
Coffee at 1€:
Lungo Mild
Lungo Intenso
Lungo Decaffienato
Espresso Deca
Nestea Ice Lemon
Cappucino 1,5€
Latte Machiatto 1,5€
Chococino caramel 1,5€
NEW! Rituals Tea Hammam Mint 1€
Please request snacks when booking
Mini spring roll vegetarian 2x6: 7 €
Yakitori (Eastern chicken on stick with curry / chili / soy) 2x6st: 14 € TIP!
NEW!! Fresh Sushi snacks 2x3st: 9 € // 2x6pieces: 18€ 
minimum 1 day in advance and before 12 noon at the latest    Also possible for 3 people (couples)

Hot dishes:
Teppanyaki 2 pers. : 45€
Teppanyaki surf & turf (fish-meat): 50€
(incl. noodles and asian vegetable mix)
Thai Curry dish:
Green or red curry with rice 2pers.
Chicken, Pig or Vegetarian: 40€
Runds or Scampi: 45€
Massaman curry with rice 2pers.
Chicken: 40€
Cattle: 45€
Chinese Rice table 2pers. : 40€
Tomato soup, Crab legs, Babi-Pangang and House dish, Special Rice
Cold dishes:
Fresh Sushi dish 2 pers. : 50€
+ 75cl Sushi Cava: 100€
Cold fish dish 2 pers. : 40€
(incl. cocktail sauce and fresh croquettes)
Cold fish dish Deluxe 2pers. : 65€
(incl. cocktail sauce and fresh croquettes)
Cold fish dish Royal with Lobster 2pers. : 95€
(incl. cocktail sauce and fresh croquettes)
Luxury cheese board 2 pers. : 50€
(incl. fruit, nuts, various sandwiches ..)